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The Story Behind Cannabis Dispensary Blunts And Moore

I had the honor of meeting Tucky through a mutual friend a couple months ago- thank you. This fortuitous meeting, when times were different- only a couple months ago, led to a visit to blunt & moore in Oakland, California, back in December. I’m deeply impressed by Tucky and his family business. He speaks with deep honesty and from his heart. I know what he is successful doing, my path isn’t that far from his experience, just the names were changed to protect the guilty, or was I innocent? Probably not, but I grew up on a farm in New Jersey, really far from the inner city. My friends were only smoking the good stuff because I got it out in California, from friends in the know. Otherwise we’d have been smoking Mexican rag weed with paraquat or worse! When I tasted what Tucky was doing with his flowers, it brought me back to the time, way back into time. And without having to say a word, I knew he understood that I understood. It’s a language and a Tao of what is known and what cannabis does to the richly initiated. It opens their minds and heals the body. Great cannabis does that for me, thus my meeting with Tucky. It was just meant to be. I’m the one who can learn so much from such a interesting man.

Warren Bobrow=WB: Please tell me about your company? What brought you to the cannabis business? What did you do originally?

Tucky Blunt Jr.= TBJ: Our company is blunts and moore dispensary in Oakland, CA. It is the 1st equity owned dispensary in the world. I’m looking to franchise and open one store in every city that has legalized cannabis and a social equity program. Our company thrives on being community driven and having a happy environment, with our very knowledgeable staff. The store is located in the same zip code and city where I was arrested in 2004 for selling cannabis illegally.

We are the 1st to win the equity lottery, and it was really a lottery, destiny at its finest. What brought me to the business, was a need to fulfill my friends and co workers needs for a reliable weedman. I've been around cannabis since birth, I started selling weed at 16. But always approached it as a business.

Originally I've always sold weed, but I also worked as a specialist clerk for Alameda County for 13 years, and I also had my own auto detailing business and clothing line called proud papas. I have over 30 years of auto detailing experience.

TBJ: To be honest I have multiple mentors. But I will say my main mentor is life, via networking. I believe I can learn something from whomever I come in contact with. But if you are asking me to pick a person who is currently mentoring me, Al Harrington owner of Viola and Harrington wellness. Yes indeed I've wanted to sell cannabis legally since I started. I never understood why it was illegal. In 1999 my grandmother had me take her to the 1st dispensary ever in oakland, when she came out and told me she bought weed from there, I said to her "granny I have to own one of these." I worked and vended for over 7 cannabis clubs in the bay area, graduated from Oaksterdam University in 2008.


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