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Britt Happens Podcast EP25: Flower to the People w/Brittany Sharpton & Tucky Blunt of Blunts + Moore

Tune in for a blunt (ha!) conversation with lifetime Oakland resident and Castlemont High School graduate, Alphonso Tucky Blunt as we discuss navigating as a cannabis entrepreneur, the importance of education and networking within the industry -- particularly with Black professionals, other "non sexy" avenues to excel in the business, and his big plans for the future (hint hint Forbes cover)! As the legal cannabis industry has expanded across the US over the past decade, green is the most prominent color seen in this space. In addition to the color of the flower, sales are projected to reach up to $30.4 billion in the US by 2023. The colors that aren’t seen as frequently in the industry are black and brown. It’s no secret that the prior prohibition of cannabis disproportionately and adversely impacted people in communities of color. In an attempt to counter this history of disparity, many states and cities have implemented social equity programs in connection to the legalization of medical or adult cannabis use.

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