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Everyday Low prices

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Special Discounts & Offers

Essentials Bundle $100 value for $50

Pre-selected brands of eighths, edibles, pre-rolls, and vapes.

Drops on the 1st and 15th of every month

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Customer Appreciation Day

3rd Saturday of every Month.


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Weekend Deals!
(Friday – Sunday) 

Buy 1 Yolo Shots, Mistifi vapes or Tough Mama blunt
& Get 1 Tough Mama blunt $1
Buy 1 Canndescent 1/8th & Get a Justice Joint for $1

Buy 2 Get 1 Justice Joints

20% off all Blunts+Moore gear

Buy any Guild Extract & Get THCa powder for $1

$8 off Crème de Canna Cremedy Badder 1g

Buy an Almora 1/8th & Get an Almora 6pk ½ gram prerolls for $1

Buy 7Leaves & Get 7Leaves preroll for $1
Buy an Elyon 1/8th or LID & Get an Elyon 1g pre-roll for $1
20% off select 1/8th

Buy any Heavy Hitters product & Get a Diamond 1g pre roll OR 100mg gummies $1

Buy any Kuda flower & Get a 1g Kuda pre roll $1

Buy any Amplified flower & Get 1/8th for $1

10% off all concentrates!

Munchie Mondaze

Edible Deals 

 10% off edibles

Buy 1 Doozie gummies &

Get 1 for $1

Buy 1 Protabs 10pk & Get another for a penny!

Buy any Kana gummies & Get a 20mg gummy for $1

Buy any Kiva product & Get 100mg Blackberry Chocolate Bar for $1

20%off Punch Bars & Cheeba Chews

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Twisted Tuesdaze

Cartridge Deals 

Buy 1 Heavy Hitters cartridge & Get a Heavy Hitters gummy or battery for $1

Buy any Timeless vape cartridge & Get a battery & case for $1

Buy any Bloom vape cartridge & Get ½ g vape cartridge for a penny

Buy any Heavy Hitters product & 100mg gummies OR

Battery for$1

Buy any Dosist cartridge pen & Get 100mg Live Resin

gummies for $1


Buy a 1g Rove cartridge & Get a ½ g Rove cartridge for $1

Buy a Smyle 1.5g cartridge & Get a battery FREE


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Wellness Wednesdaze

Apothecary Deals 

Buy a Korova 1000mg Black Bottle & Get 1 for $1

10% off topicals, tinctures & CBD products (including flower!)

Buy any Mary’s Medicinal products & Get Patches or Transdermal Compound for a penny

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Thirsty Thursdaze

Drinks Only Deals

10% off All Drinks

Buy an Arnold Bomber drink & Get a Hash Bomb pre roll $1

Buy any Olala drink &

Get 1 for $1

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All Offers and discounts valid while supplies last