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Top Shelf Tucky Simply Green $10 off + GET
a 5g Shake Sack of Big Steve’s OG for $1!

The Mekanix Dum Flower Brand drop! BUY a 1/8 th & GET
a pack of gummies for $1!

BUY any Grizzly Peak Farms jar & GET 5g Shake Sack
of Big Steve’s OG for $1!

BUY any Local Cannabis 1/8 th jar & GET a 1/8 th for $5.10!
BUY any KUDA 1/8 th & GET a 1g preroll for a PENNY!
BUY a Red Fence 1/8 th & GET another for $5.10!
BUY any Elyon 1/8 th & GET a 1/8 th of OG Kush for $5.10!
BUY any Coastal Roots 1/8 th & GET a 1g premium
flower pre-roll for a PENNY!

Pre Rolls

Grizzly Peak Grizzly Bone $5
BUY any Malibu Boogie Boards pre-roll pack & GET a 2pk of infused pre-rolls for $1


BUY any Olala drink & GET an 85mg
Blue Raspberry drink for $5.10
BUY any Doozies gummy
& GET 1 for $5.10
BUY any Uncle Arnie’s drink
& GET 1 for $1


BUY any Rove cartridge & GET
a 100mg DRINK Loud potion for $5.10
BUY any Heavy Hitters cartridge & GET a 100mg Heavy Hitters gummies for $5.10
BUY any Stiiizy cartridge & GET
the battery for FREE



BUY any CLSICS & GET 1g rosin infused preroll for a PENNY!


BUY an Arnold Bomber  GET 1g Don Primo Hash Bomb for $1


BUY any Mary’s Medicinals tincture or compound & GET a Transdermal patch for a PENNY!

*while supplies last*

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